From BAE Systems Digital Intelligence:

The new space race is set to double the low earth orbit market to around $12bn in the next five years, with a focus on technological advancements such as sensors, data processing, and applications that aid ground control and observation operations. However, cybersecurity in space is an area that is yet to pick up speed, and protecting devices in space is challenging as they comprise multiple complex systems within systems.

Satellites are effectively platforms with embedded systems and interfaces, making them avenues of opportunity for cybercriminals. Cybersecurity best practice is crucial to winning the new space race, and it requires a mass team effort, as demonstrated in the SolarWinds example.

This article suggests familiar defence processes and technologies can be applied, such as trusted platform module (TPM) chips found in mobile phones and stronger authentication protocols for users to better protect ground stations. The space race is a team sport where information is generated through collaboration, ensuring a speedier launch and endurance as the sprint turns into a marathon in the coming years.

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