Red Team

Surrey, UK – The first Red Team Thursday event, organized by the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster (SCSC), was held on Thursday January 26 2023, and brought together a dynamic group of cyber security specialists from across Surrey. This marked the beginning of a series of six events aimed at raising awareness about the ever-evolving threat landscape in the industry.

With a focus on ‘attack,’ attendees were given an in-depth and exciting look into the tactics used by cyber criminals. The technical knowledge gained from this event was a valuable addition to their expertise. The evening featured networking opportunities, engaging guest speaker presentations, interactive cyber activities, and a Q&A panel for attendees to field their questions on current cyber security threats.

The keynote address, delivered by Andy Snowball, Head of Incident Response at BAE Systems, offered a thought-provoking take on the current state of cyber security. This was followed by a live hack demonstration, expertly led by Professor Ioana Boureanu, Professor in Secure Systems at the University of Surrey, that left everyone in attendance amazed. The Q&A panel, moderated by Professor Steve Schneider, Director of Surrey Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Surrey, brought together a diverse group of industry leaders, further adding to the richness of the event.

The event was open to professionals and enthusiasts from both the public and private sectors, as well as students interested in pursuing a career in the industry. Attendees had the chance to network and learn more about the SCSC’s plans for 2023, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving field of cyber security.

About Surrey Cyber Security Cluster (SCSC)

The Surrey Cyber Security Cluster is a community of cyber security specialists based in Surrey, UK. Its mission is to raise awareness about the current cyber threats faced by businesses and individuals, and to provide opportunities for professionals to learn and grow in the industry. The SCSC is dedicated to promoting Surrey as an innovative hub for the cyber security industry and bringing together its diverse community.